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Customer Service:

Phone: 019-8893030

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GoKleen (Walk-in Miri, Sarawak)


GoKleen established in 2013, from 1 worker to almost 400 workers today; service more than 2000 households and 300 commerical offices. Why and how we did it? Because GoKleen promotes "Experience The Difference"!! If you want to know what services we provide. Please go through our social media profile or visit our website at www.gokleen.com.my. Our mission is to strive to be the leading cleaning service company, providing high quality, value added services for the benefit of our clients. Our vision is to strive to constantly increase efficiency and effectiveness for our clients and by providing comprehensive tailor-made solutions for clients’ needs. We have the best team, best equipments and the best skills to enhance the value given to our clients. GoKleen provides you valuable services. Value Value Value!

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