RM28.69B RM28,686,908,856 awarded in Cash!

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Cash ready when you are — to use instantly for shopping.

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Get rewarded with cash on all your favorite products across all our sites, allowing you to buy more and spend less.

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Designed to keep your personal and financial information safe.

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Earn 1% extra in cash when using your VIFT wallet balance on your entire order.

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You Got Cash It really adds up!

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What is the threshold for using my cash on purchases?

You can use any amount of cash earned right away when you shop.

What is VIFT?

VIFT is the digital wallet that pays cash. VIFT houses your cash and makes it easy for you to redeem your funds or use them on future purchases.

Is VIFT safe?

Yes! We use state-of-the-art technology to keep your VIFT funds and personal information secure during your shopping experience, as well as when you redeem cash to your bank account.

Are there any benefits for using VIFT to make purchases?

1% is awarded back to you in cash for every purchase you make that uses your VIFT balance to cover your total in its entirety.


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