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BAM & CO. (Walk-in KL) Shipping and Return Policy

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Cashback Details

  • 7.0% Cashback

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  • 4.0% Cashback

    • Bam & Co Walkin
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Customer Service:

Phone: 60132861232

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Store Conditions

No point rewards for promotional items.
Cannot be used with Eslite membership discount and Eslite promotion.
• Gift Card is not eligible for SHOP Point
• Store credit or points is not eligible for SHOP Point
• Purchases through Partner Stores’ mobile apps may not be eligible for SHOP Point
• Partner stores reserves the right to deem items in-eligible for SHOP Point at their discretion

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BAM & CO. (Walk-in KL)

0.0 out of 5 star rating.

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Bam & Co advocates for health and wellness through natural aromatherapy and skincare products, free from harmful chemicals, synthetics, and preservatives. We produce organic essential oils and skincare products for babies and adults alike, infused with natural ingredients to create well-balanced blends of high quality and efficacy.

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