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Ty Malaysia

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Founded by Ty Warner in 1986, Ty is now the largest plush manufacturer in the world. For 30 over years Ty has been leading the global market through innovation, quality and price. At Ty Malaysia, our core purpose is Sharing Joy & Spreading Love.
The brand's logo is a worldwide recognized red heart with the lower-case letters "ty". A tag in this shape is found affixed to all Ty plush toys, and inside each tag is the name and birthdate of the toy as well as a short poem. Truly there's a story behind each Ty plush toy.
Ty plush toy is universal, timeless, without age limit, and suitable for all occasions. Whether you are buying for your kids, boyfriends & girlfriends, or even grandpas & grandmas, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, visitation, or any celebration -- You're sure to put a smile on your loved ones. In fact, Ty is more than just a toy, it is a gift for everyone. Think GIFTs, think Ty :)

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