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Give a gift they will love. SHOP MA Malaysia English (Live) eGifts

eGifts: Send an instant gift to anyone, anytime.
Upload a personalized video to add that special touch.

Easy and quick gift giving for any special occasion

With SHOP MA Malaysia English (Live) eGifts, you can send an instant gift to anyone, anytime! eGifts is the perfect online shopping tool to make gift giving easy, quick and fun. eGifts allows you to select several gift choice’s for family, friends, co-workers or anyone else on your gift list. Not sure what size or color? Let your recipient make that choice. Select from hundreds of products from Market America brands.

No matter the occasion - Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more - make eGifts your gift-giving solution.

  1. When browsing for a gift, select Market America brands products from your search results page and choose the gift you want.
  2. When viewing the item, simply click: SHOP MA Malaysia English (Live) eGifts Add eGift icon to add it to your eGift.
  3. Then sign in to your account, click on the eGifts link, add an optional message and send your eGift when you are ready! Its that simple!
  4. We send the gift recipient an email announcing the eGift, with your personal message and a link to the eGifts page. The recipient tells us where to deliver the gift and your gift is on its way.

The best part is its a truly last minute gift, because the emailed eGift announcement is sent within minutes!

Note: The eGift option is only available from our Market America brands. Select Market America stores in your search options.


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